Friday, November 26, 2010


A Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Day-after Thanksgiving! I was going to post on the day, but somehow time got away from me. But what a wonderful day! I am so glad for this time of year, that puts life into perspective and helps me see my blessings through my trials. Yesterday Ethan and I discussed the things we are especially grateful for this year and found that we had almost an identical list.

A supportive and loving family
Fantastic friends
A comfortable home with food, heat, electricity
Our beautiful daughter Chloe and those 15 months we had with her
Our little boy on the way (yet to be named)
The restored gospel of Jesus Christ
Opportunities for education
The safety and freedoms this country provides

Also, while I was cleaning up from our Thanksgiving Feast, I was reminded how grateful I am for a dishwasher. Really, I could go on and on with my feelings of gratitude, but my blog isn't where I should be expressing that gratitude the most. It should be to my friends, family, and Father in Heaven.

I don't feel like it's coincidental that Thanksgiving falls just one month before our Christmas celebrations. For me, Thanksgiving redirects my thoughts and priorities from what matters little to what matters most. Instead of obsessing over irritations for some minor offence or inconvenience, this season of thanks helps me focus on what I have been blessed with and the loved ones in my life who love me back. What a gift to ourselves and those we love, to let our frustrations fall by the wayside, making room in our hearts for joy, peace, and gratitude to reside.

Thanksgiving, to me, is the best preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Thanks to Him, I am able to fully enjoy faith, hope, peace.

So Happy Thanksgiving Season to all! I hope it was a wonderful day for all of you, as it was for us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Two years ago today Chloe Hazel Blevins was introduced to us as our daughter. Although she died almost 9 months ago, we still commemorate this happy day when we saw and held for the first time our precious little girl. I was anticipating a lot more tears today, but I've felt so blessed to feel peace in my heart. I know she lives on in spirit and someday will be resurrected, body and spirit united eternally. I also find comfort today knowing that Ethan and I have been married for time and all eternity, he as my husband, and our children as our children, forever. I know this through the Holy Spirit, from whom I find this comfort and peace.

Although I would have loved to throw her a birthday bash bathed in pink, have her sweet smiles and babbles wash over me, and feel her little arms around my neck, I find joy today in reflecting on the tender time we had together, the blessings of family and friends, and eagerly anticipate the time when I will be with her again.

Some of our favorites from our digital Museum of Chloe.

Just a few hours old

Our first family picture

Christmas, 2008

Chloe's Blessing Day, December, 2008

China, January-April 2009

Our all-time favorite video of her loving her favorite toy. We had this little doll buried with her.

Who can argue with that?!

Look at how proud she is!

One of her "hanging out" positions in a favorite sleeper. (Yes, she would often sleep like this.)

Posing on a tree for Uncle Bryce

She loved to babble at anything her size, even herself in the mirror!

A common expression!

Exactly one year ago

Clapping, a favorite pass-time. She never got bored of it and we never got bored of watching her!

Such a perfect toy!

Christmas, 2009

The Christmas tree had just been packed up and Chloe's enjoying the extra space.

Our last living picture of Chloe at 15 months, the night before she passed away. We were waiting for Ethan to come home from a church meeting in Seattle. Just me and Chloe that night.

Isn't she beautiful?!

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