Friday, January 8, 2010


The Holidays

Here I am two months later, and what started out being the Thanksgiving post, then the Thanksgiving and California trip post, has turned into the Holiday post. So I think I am finally resigned to the idea of me being a sporadic and imbalanced blogger, posting in plentiful bursts of picture and word, the bulk of which being about Chloe, then abandoning our family publicity for some time. For our few but faithful followers, I apologize but will say for myself, at least on our subject matter you couldn't complain, and neither could she; Chloe's used to being the center of attention!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! My sister Andra and I, (with assistance from the other Ladies Combs), planned and carried out as traditional a Thanksgiving dinner as we could with 10 adults and 10 children under 10. We had the works: Turkey, Ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, spinach gratin, rolls, pies, and a couple other things I can't remember (but who could blame me. Look at that list!) We had a great time, although we were exhausted afterward. There's nothing like cooking for the people you love with the people you love!

Chloe surprised us late that night by throwing up on her mama. This was her first bona fide sickness, which I'm grateful didn't come sooner. It turned out she had an ear infection which the doctor said was probably in both ears, but one of her ear canals is too narrow to see down. Poor little mite! It's been one little illness after another since then, but she seems almost recovered today and is curious about the rain.

The middle of December we headed down to California to visit Ethan's dad, Win, his wife, Meredith, and her daughter, Allegra. Allegra and family were visiting from Ireland and it was my first meeting. It was wonderful! We spent time with family, especially Allegra's two confident, friendly, and boisterous kids, Caleb and Sienna. We had a great time enjoying everyone's company and building family relationships down there. We felt so welcome.

After our return from Cali, Christmas came too soon. It was a remarkably quiet morning, but the afternoon livened up with my two brothers and families and my sister and her family. We did breakfast for dinner, which I think everyone enjoyed, but I don't know whether we'll do it again. After sugar highs induced by cany canes, chocolate Santa's, and other treats, I think syrupy waffles was the last straw in launching everyone into a "hard ball stage" of comatose. Everyone seemed to rally well and the evening ended with an always-entertaining gift exchange and some games.

A very special book for Christmas from Grandma.

New Year's Eve was... chill. (Can I still say that?) Ethan and I went out to dinner with my sis, Amber, and a friend, then we came back to her apartment and watched a movie. Risky, I know, but we felt like riding the edge. Midnight came and Ethan and I were almost asleep before the clock struck 12.

Since then, 2010 has been a fantastic year, and we look forward to the new surprises and changes it brings. We hope 2010 is the best year yet for all of you, too!

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