Saturday, September 18, 2010


Major Purchase

Can a purchase be both well thought-out and spontaneous? If so, I think we just had one of those yesterday.

I was having a craving for nachos. It wasn't just a basic, run-of-the-mill craving, that passes once you've eaten. It was before every meal, during, and sometimes even after meals. It wasn't one of those cravings that could be satisfied at home with some chips and grated cheese in the broiler. I needed Mexican restaurant nachos, with jalapeƱos, guacamole, and beans, those messes you can only get at your local Mexican restaurant. Finally Ethan acquiesced, and I hustled my hind end down to El Ranchero. I ordered a couple piles of chip-y, cheesy goodness to go, and wandered outside, wondering what I could do for 10 minutes without looking like I was a desperate woman waiting for her to-go order.

Hidden behind the restaurant was an Ashley's Furniture store, the glass doors completely painted with the familiar words, "Closeout Sale" "Everything Must Go". Ah, my salvation from a 10 minute wait! We didn't need any more furniture in our oddly shaped and full apartment, but I love looking at furniture because it's safe "browse only" items. Even closeout stuff is too expensive. There were rows of recliners, and crowded couch displays. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear?! Large white rectangles of blissful, sleepy comfort! Mattresses.

Ethan and I have been wanting a new mattress for the past 3 years. Let me be blunt: he twitches and I want more space. There have been many nights where he or I (usually he, good man) ended up on the couch. But my heart fell as I saw the bloated prices. Not a chance I'm spending Four GRAND on a mattress! But from personal experience we knew a cheap mattress was a waste of money, too. About then my nacho sense kicked in and I headed for the door when I was verbally side-swiped by a salesman.

"We didn't have anything you wanted?!" He desperately yelled as he jogged up to me from the back desk.

"The only thing I'm interested in is a mattress, and we can't afford yours." I responded, now waiting impatiently for polite refusal to make it's final show.

He poked a mattress next to us and offered "this one" as a good option, but I dismissed his attempts with a passive, "we want a king." But as many know, salesmen always have a perky resolution to your pessimistic and "poo-pooing" attempts.

"Well, did you see the Beauty Rests in the back? How much are you willing to spend? I can talk with the manager and see what I can work out. All he wants to do today is sell!" I got a quote on the mattress and justified my inability to commit because my other half was not on hand, but made a vague promise to return that night.

After talking with Ethan, we realized what a good opportunity this could be if we decided to take it. He promised to think about it while he studied, which was something I hadn't seen him capable of to this point and was skeptical of him achieving.

On our way home from the church barbecue last night we decided to just stop in and look, but by the time we reached the parking lot, we had a price in mind and were ready to negotiate. But when we laid our tired heads on that amazing mattress, we were completely convinced. Half an hour later, we walked out with a King size mattress pad in hand and a red "Sold" tag on our new mattress. Yay!!! (Now we're hoping some kind friends in the Elder's Quorum have a big truck and the time to help us get it to the 3rd floor.)

The only disappointment of the day was the nachos, totally void of the spicy, salty satisfaction I so desired. A lack-luster pile of flavorless calories, and so the craving continues. A new mattress has been secured, and now... where to find those nachos....

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