Monday, August 16, 2010


Another Favorite

Chloe was always a little suspicious of the camera, which the video below captures well, but as she grew, she learned that the flash meant she should smile, and she would give these great cheesy grins. This one is one of my favorites because she has the whole head tilt, big smile, etc down. She looks like she's posing. Adorable.

My favorite of Chloe's camera smiles

Despite what past pictures and this video might portray, Chloe never slept in bed with us. Aside from my fear of rolling on top of her, we thought it was important for her to sleep on her own, and for us to have our space too. But I'd love to bring her in with us the mornings she woke us up. It wasn't her favorite thing, probably because she was hungry and done laying down, but I was excited for the day she would be old enough to come in on her own and crawl into bed with us in the mornings.

This video was probably taken on a Saturday morning, when my mom was home from work, and Ethan was volunteering in Seattle. Judging by the fabric box on the bed, we'd probably been up awhile, and Chloe had been fed. I hope my mom forgives me, because she's still in her bathrobe, but the video is too sweet not to post.

There's a point when she thinks she's being very sneaky, not looking over at me. If you watch her face, it is hilarious.

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