Thursday, June 9, 2011


Something's funny...

We are finally relating to the much-frequented statement, "kids grow up so fast!" This concept was completely lost on us with Chloe, who barely eked on to the single digit percentiles of the pediatric growth charts, and although her slight physique was a major stress, her littleness was part of her, a charm all her own. Now Henry is by no means a chunk, although the sight of his pudgy little legs makes me happy. His body seems to be getting bigger every day. Buttoning the cuffs of his shirt that fit last week is now impossible around his chubby forearms, his ankles are now an inch below his pant-ends, and attempting to button some of his onesies stretches the collar down his chest like a low-cut shirt. Who is this kid?!

With number two, we have the background to identify milestones and beam with parental pride as he brings his hands together, crosses center, babbles with impressive variety, and tracks like a champ, among other things. Last night we were able to catch on camera a prolonged series of laughs, which warms my mother heart. I thought I'd share, but want to apologize for the crazy camera work. But it's still so cute!!

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