Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Chloe loves playing with toys and exploring new textures, colors, and some flavors. But nothing gets her as thrilled as her dolls. We took Madeline to China with us because she responded better to her bright hair and contrasting clothes than this little pink doll. Recently, though, she's completely taken by this baby doll, and can't contain her joy when she sees her doll's little face. What a sweetie.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's been an exciting month and a half, and we are finally posting it!

The first is that Ethan started work a few weeks ago at Buck Law Group, a law firm in Downtown Seattle that specializes in land use and environmental law. It was a fast process from applying to hiring. Ethan's trainer completed his last day on Thursday, so he's on his own now, but is looking forward to learning all he can and is excited to have a job that will give him some experience in the legal world.

A big thank you to everyone who contacted people, kept their eyes out for jobs, sent on Ethan's resume, provided support, and were all around wonderful to us during his job search. We've been so blessed to have such a fantastic group of friends and an unwaivering family. Thank you again for all of your help.

As far as the rest of our family, Chloe and Katrina have missed Ethan during the day, but are excited that he's working! Most of the summer has been spent hanging out with friends and family, and tring to keep life simple, which sometimes turns out to be a success. Chloe's gone to Children's a couple times to be assessed for difficulty gaining weight, her neurodevelopmental progress, and her vision. She also has physical, speech, and occupational therapists who are making sure she's progressing. She continues to impress us with her tenacity and curiosity which keeps her moving, and her generally sweet disposition. As her cousin Emma said last week about Chloe, "What's not to love?" We can't really think of anything either.

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