Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We've been here in Durham, North Carolina for a week and a half now and are almost unpacked! Sometimes looking at our apartment is a little discouraging, but then I remind myself that I could just throw everything away that's in my way, and that helps me feel a lot better. It's wonderful to be in our own space and be all on our own again, although we do miss family around us.

I've begun a new project: reupholstering kitchen chairs. I wasn't initially planning on it being "quite a project" but it has the makings of one. Ethan's wonderful mother bequeathed to us a solid oak dining room table and six chairs. Everything is in incredible shape, considering that the set is 25 years old, but I've got this hair in my brain to reupholster the chairs. Before I began, I looked under the chairs and saw the staples. "No biggie," I thought, "I'll just pop those out and staple new fabric on." After spending 4 hours prying 500 staples out of one chair, I'm discovering that this might be deemed as "quite a project." I'm still hopeful, though, that I will love the process.

Ethan is really excited about school. He has two days of orientation, then school officially begins Tuesday, June 1. He's really looking forward to being back in school and is very excited about his classes this summer, Contracts and Civil Procedure. Doesn't sound like a basket of fun to me, but he's thrilled. Today, though, he's setting up the Wii. Our home wouldn't be complete without one! (In fact, he just turned around with the Wii home screen blazing to life behind him, and said, "It's home now!")

The first thing we unpacked were Chloe's pictures. She's smiling down on us, hopefully in more ways than just in our frames. We still, and will always, miss her so much. In the mornings I wake up and wait for her sounds but know they won't come. It's hard to feel at home without her here with us. Comfort is always found, though, in her loving memory and the sure knowledge that we will see her again.

Another video for Chloe's adoring fans.

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