Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Chloe's 1st Birthday!

We're amazed that we have a one-year-old now! Chloe celebrated her first birthday by going to Children's Hospital for a check up, blood draw, and flu shot. After a teary shot, the nurse brought in a big birthday present bag with a giant teapot, a book, and a stuffed lamb. They wanted to make sure she didn't have any negative associations with them or the hospital. She, like all babies, has a talent for making everyone feel sorry for her when she's sad. We had a little birthday party for her that night, which she was too grumpy to enjoy and she was sent to bed before the birthday cake was served. The pictures tell her feelings that night more than any words.

A couple days later, with a better attitude, we decided she could have her cake for dinner, so we put a piece of each cake on her tray and sat down to our spaghetti dinner. After force-feeding her a bite of each type of cake and making every "yucky food" face we've seen, we decided to just let her play with it. But all she did was watch as Katrina took each bite of her pasta. Expecting Chloe to withdraw, Katrina offered her a taste of the slightly spicy sauce and she was hooked. Other new foods she loves include (but are not excluded to) pickles (pictured), sourdough bread, broccoli, apples, and steak (she sucked on it).

Ethan and I set some goals for Chloe before she turns two. We recognize that we really don't have total control over these aspirations, but thought it would be a great goal-setting exercise for her!

2. learn to crawl
3. Learn to walk
4. Say "mama" ("dada" was conquered awhile ago)
5. grow more teeth
6. poke and pinch objects
7. hold her bottle

So at 26 inches and 14 pounds, Chloe is officially one year old! Happy birthday, Chloe!!

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