Friday, April 24, 2009


Release the hounds!

Ethan has begun the job hunt in the Seattle area. 
Next best option is this cool McDonald's in Beijing:

He's interested in law, government, and non-profit organizations engaged in politics. He's also interested in any positions that would allow him to use and develop his writing skills. He submits his request for any suggestions, tips, contacts, encouragements, and prayers.

Think of Chloe...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Summer Palace

We only got a few pictures of the summer palace because I wasn't feeling very well that day. So we only stayed there for a couple hours, but it was still very eventful! We were able to see the biggest mass of water since flying over the Pacific, Chloe was photographed naked while we were trying to change her diaper, and we saw more foreigners there than we have collectively since being in China (including church). Big day.

On Easter Sunday night, Katrina was getting Chloe ready for bed and had the idea of putting Chloe's bloomers on her head so she'd look like a baker. She's not pulling off the baker image, but Katrina thought it was pretty cute.

If you look closely, you can also tell that Chloe's onesie sleeves are jagged. We only had long-sleeved white ones and a pink one was too noticeable under her white dress. So, we did some creative problem-solving.

This picture also clearly shows Chloe performing her new favorite passtime: blowing bubbles and spitting between her lips.


I bet you'll never guess,,,

(I couldn't tell you what it would be excellent in, because that would be too easy :)

Hint: This product is yellow

Here are a couple of the many labels for daily things that are translated into English. Can you guess what products they're describing?


Tan Zhe Temple

A couple weeks ago we went with some of Ethan's office staff to the Tan Zhe temple. It was a long day for Chloe, but as always, she was a model baby. We loved it! From what we learned the original temple location was built about 1700 years ago. With the backdrop of the mountains, trees, and bamboo, it is the perfect location, and a place we probably wouldn't have made it to on our own. Ethan's co-workers are wonderful.

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