Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Duty calls

In order to preserve the social order of our dusty corner of the blogosphere, conscience and Katrina have constrained me to update the blog. Consistency enslaves its own creators, so now our past faithfulness has resulted in an eternal obligation to post on our blog or else suffer ignominy at the hands of family and friends.

We've been back from China for 6 weeks now and have settled in to Vashon life again. Chloe has been meeting with the Birth to Three program here on the Island. She's recently been working on sitting up and can now successfully sit for a few seconds at a time. Very exciting!

Katrina spends her days taking care of Chloe, cooking, reading, and spending time with family. Ethan is still hitting the cyberspace pavement, and has been networking like crazy, but nothing promising has surfaced yet. We are both looking forward to the day when something will, but until then we are enjoying evenings of beautiful weather the Northwest is experiencing and know it will all work out.

Ethan and Katrina happy to be back and no longer sleeping in the livingroom in China. Chris and Marilyn have been so generous in letting us stay with them. Everyone has been so supportive and understanding. Thank you!

Chloe getting loves from her buddy and cousin, Maggie. Even though Chloe is the first in the Blevins Family, she's number 21 in the line up of cousins on her mom's side. She has a wide variety of personalities and examples for her. She's a lucky baby to have so many little people that love her.
When we got back from China, we decided to start Chloe on foods. After her first bite of a new type of food she squishes up her face and gives a little shutter, but has been very open to new tastes. Her favorite is full-fat vanilla yogurt, but she can't quite get excited about applesauce.

In this picture, it looks like she's sporting either the vegetable turkey dinner, carrots, or sweet potatoes. And yes, she did get some of it in ther mouth! It's a little mysterious that they all taste similar....
Happy girl! This was maybe a week after we got back from Beijing. She loved spending time in this chair, and was really excited to have someone play with her.

Her smiles and laughs come much more often now, although it seems like she saves most of her smiles for her nana. That's ok. We're just the parents.

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