Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wow! After our good intentions and goal-setting of updating out blog weekly, we've let it slide again! It's been over a month!

Things are going well with our cozy island life. It's been a beautiful summer and we're trying to enjoy the last beams of sunlight before the pillow-like grey clouds take up winter residence over the Seattle area. I would say it's too bad they don't travel south for the winter too, but we both love the fall and appreciate a wet winter. But, if you come back in March and see what we have to say about the rain, we might be singing a different tune.

Ethan's still working hard at the Buck Law Group. He's really enjoying his job and is excited about the experience. Besides work, he's up to his elbows in law school applications, LSAT practicing, and diapers. He's forcing himself to get enough sleep this week so he'll be ready to take the LSAT again today. Of course, any prayers and good thoughts sent his way are appreciated!

Katrina's enjoying her time at home with Chloe and is gearing up to start working next week in the afternoons doing some childcare, etc. Last night she went to "Wicked" with two of her sisters, and was reminded of how much she loves live musicals when they're really good. And this was.

Of course we'll tell you Chloe is getting cuter and cuter every day. She cut her first tooth a few weeks ago and we think she's cutting another one because she's so grumpy. She has adjusted to two naps and sleeps through the night much better. We're working on sounds like "mama" (she's got the "dadada" thing down pat), and on crawling and standing.

I would post pictures, but for some reason blogspot isn't letting me. So, pictures to come!

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