Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm a Mormon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Family Reunion, 2010

A couple weeks ago I stocked Ethan with a plethora a Trader Joe's frozen dinners, veggies, fruits, and other easy foods, and abandoned him for 10 days, escaping to Seattle/Vashon Island/Tacoma for our annual family reunion. It was our longest separation since marriage (over our anniversary, no less), but we both handled it fairly well, although my lot was, admittedly, much easier. Besides heading up the food for this year's reunion, my purpose was to soak up some Seattle rays (if any) and hang out with my great family. I left him here to go to class and prepare for finals. Yay for him. (Poor fella.)

My first weekend in the incomparably beautiful Pacific Northwest, we had a sister's weekend on the Olympic Penninsula. Our time was full of laughter, pedicures, laughter, great conversations, laughter, hot tubbing, and some more laughter. It was the best to have everyone there this year, too. Wonderful!

The venue for this year's reunion was my brother's home on American Lake. The first day was a balmy 55 degrees (completely cloudy and a steady breeze). Most of the adults sat it beach chairs with sweatshirts on and towels over their bodies trying to keep warm. The kids were plunging in to the water, gung-ho for a day of beach fun. Emerging later with shivering bodies and purple lips, they would find the nearest adult with a dry towel to warm them up before throwing themselves back in. I confess that I wasn't interested at all in swimming the first day. I've become a bit of a chicken in my old age.

Thankfully it warmed up the last two days and everyone was able to enjoy some solar heat and appreciate the cool water. Every day was spent on the beach, enjoying ski runs and tubing, boat rides, swims, canoeing, kayaking, and general togetherness. The newest addition to our family reunion, the raft, served as the boat's home base, a sanctuary from the water, and the location for a couple intense games of King of the Raft.

I spent a good portion of time playing around with, and being intimidated by, my new camera. So the pictures I've posted are a little random and don't fully capture the description I've attempted to paint, but hopefully give some idea of the fun we've had. (Hopefully by my next post of pictures I will have a better idea what I'm doing.)

In conclusion, the family reunion was a smashing success and next year I hope Ethan and I will both be there. Good times with some of the best people. Thanks for a great time everyone! I miss you already!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh, whatever!

I woke up missing Chloe, thinking about some of the wonderful memories I have with her and wondering if there are any I've forgotten yet. I know that some memories will slowly fade or disappear completely, and that's scary to me. Whoever created pictures and videos though, we are so grateful to you! I've been organizing our home videos, creating a new folder just for videos with Chloe. When I feel especially sad, I'll spend some time in her scrapbooks or watching videos, and it helps me remember all those happy memories with our beautiful baby. They remind me that she's just away for awhile and I'll see her again someday.

(Chloe snuggled up with mom and her pink baby doll, February 17, 2010)

Looking at those little snippets of her life reminded me to post the next installment of my dad and Chloe, the last clips we have of her. This series is called Oh, whatever! because of this clip. She loved shaking her head, and watch her face, she gives my dad the cutest squinty grin. What a precious baby.

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